Joint Education Board

The Joint Education Board (JEB) is an EAN and UEMS SN/EBN working group founded in 2018, consistent with the Memorandum of Understanding between both partners. It is working on common goals of the two organisations such as

  • Board exam
  • Neurology curriculum
  • Endorsement of neurology related events in Europe
  • Quality assurance of neurological departments in Europe

The European Board Examination in Neurology is a joint assignment of both EAN and UEMS SN/EBN via the Joint Education Board (JEB). Since establishing the JEB, cooperation on the exam is conducted via this board. In order to effectively organise the continually thriving exam, the Examination Committee has been established. This committee is a working group of the JEB that will coordinate and conduct all activities concerning the exam, from collecting and supervising questions to management of the examination on-site. The nomination is for at least two years.

Composition of the Examination Committee:

EAN               UEMS SN/EBN  
irimia EAN Coordinator of the Exam
Dr. Pablo Irimia Sieira
Pamplona, Spain
  Kuks UEMS SN/EBN Coordinator of the Exam
Prof. Jan B.M. Kuks
Groningen, The Netherlands
  Members     Members
manuel Dr. Manuel Alegre Esteban
Pamplona, Spain
  McIntyre Dr. Deborah McIntyre
Schoser Prof. Benedikt Schoser
Munich, Germany
  edan Prof. Gilles Edan
Rennes, France