UEMS Section of Neurology / Board of Neurology (UEMS SBN/EBN)

This section/board represents the specialism of neurology at UEMS level.
Each member country is represented by two delegates (professional and scientific society).

The activity of the UEMS SBN/EBN is within the scope of the activities of the UEMS (www.uems.net). Each year, two plenary meetings with all delegates and invited observers from other sections are taking place.
The activities of the section of neurology are directed towards all professional aspects of neurology in Europe, and in the individual member countries. Representation of neurology and involvement of neurology in the national health structures are important aspects.

Education at all levels (pregraduate, postgraduate) is an important task of the section. The European Board Examination will be held for the 10th time on June 15th, 2018 in Lisbon. The UEMS SEN/EBN is closely co-operating with the UEMS (EACCME), the EAN (www.ean.org) and the RRFS (www.ean.org/Resident-and-Research-Fellow-Section-RRFS). A European EBN visitation service is available as well.

Professional relations with other sections relating to optimal patient care are also an ongoing activity of the EBN.

Ethical issues are an important concern of the group as well as the development of new fields in the profession of neurology.

Please consult our website for current information or send us notes or suggestions about all aspects of neurology, whether you are involved as a patient, carer or a professional.

Prof. Dr. Patrick Cras, president