The UEMS-SN/EBN offers a visitation of neurological departments in Europe. This will be part of a quality circle to improve and boost the neurological training and education in Europe.

European departments of neurology can apply via the UEMS-SN/EBN website for a site visitation, to assess training facilities, trainees and trainers and the head of the department. This will be achieved with structured interviews and an onsite visitation by a UEMS-SN/EBN representative and a national representative.

The report of the visitation will be helpful to analyse the educational structure of the department, and will be helpful to introduce improvement if necessary. Departments fulfilling the UEMS-SN/EBN quality criteria will be able to be called: "European Board of Neurology accredited Department". Residents from these visited departments will receive a reduction of the UEMS-SN/EBN examination fee.

pdf button Criteria and Procedure of Visitation
for approval as an UEMS-SN/EBN Board Certified Neurological Department for Specialist Training in Neurology

pdf button Information on the Visitation
of Neurological Departments for Specialist Training in Neurology by UEMS - European Board of Neurology


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